How often are we really connecting with our loved ones? I see it more and more these days, people are out with their family and friends and everyone at the table has there faces glued to their smartphones or their tablets, when people are sitting right next to you. My friends and I this conversation especially when we are out at a restaurant and we see a family that’s out to dinner and the children are being entertained or “kept quite” with the use of technology. Traditionally, this is the time family’s sit down at the end of the day and talk about what happening in their lives, their thoughts, etc. However more often than not you see that parents are putting a table in front of their kids at meal time so they stay quite as they eat and entertain with their partner or friends.  I don’t have children, but I’m surrounded by them and I can tell you, if this is how they start off learning to behave at the dinner table, this is how the cycle will continue. Now, I’m not saying on a special occasion when you watch something while you eat, but that shouldn’t be the norm. How else are our kids going to be social adults if their they aren’t being taught to hold a conversation, talk about their feelings or interest while being surrounded by people. They are missing an opportunity to interact with real people are sitting next to them.

I’ll admit I’ve done the same thing, where you are sitting at the table with friends or people you’ve just met and you’re showing them something on your phone while you’re trying to connect, this is our society now a days. However, that shouldn’t be what your mealtime solely consists of, it should be about reconnecting and sharing your experiences with each other. The dinner table should be the time where families and friends are able to share a meal or drinks while they reconnect with each others lives, especially since there are so many other activities and events we are participating in daily. I remember when I was younger, the idea was to gain some insight, share your thoughts and feeling, have a forum where you gather together and discuss life. When did we lose all of that? Why is it so hard to connect with those without the use of our phone or tech devices? How can we get back to reconnecting? What are the little things we can do to make time we spend together more valuable?

This was posted at an ice cream shoppe: Hope you like it as much as I do :)





Arzu Gedik

Arzu Gedik is an only child, born, raised and currently lives in the USA. Her family is originally from Turkey and she visits annually. She was a Girl Scout for several years and earned her Gold Award. She attended Seton Hall University and has her MA/ED.S in Mental Health Counseling and Pysch Studies. Her therapeutic experience is with teens/adults struggling with abuse. She currently works for an international financial investment firm in New York City. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and friends. She enjoys traveling, shopping, trying new experiences, watching movies, working with charities to accomplish their goals, and being surrounded by people that challenge her. She one day plans are to start "Gedik Together" to help people organize their lives, plan events and create special memories. She believes in working hard, giving back, fairness, love, surrounding yourself with amazing people and enjoying life.

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