Things you remember


It’s so funny sometimes what you remember. I was hanging out with friends this weekend ave we were talking about things from years ago. One constant is that the funny things always remain funny at any age. Over the years my friends have gotten married, had children, moved away, are exploring other opportunity but some people are always “HOME” to you. They remind you of moments that we long gone but feel like they happened yesterday.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my friends are my family, We are very blessed to have each other and I cherish everyone of them.I know that if I call anyone of them in a moment of crisis they will offer me something different; a shoulder to cry on, a voice to rationalize my thoughts, the chance to let me vent, someone to discuss my plan, and someone to help me make a new plan when mine is a little too lot there, others will be present and some will give me the space to figure out how I’ll do what’s next. It’s important to have people around you that will keep you grounded no matter what happens. These are the people that you chose to share your secrets with, the happy moments as well as the scariest ones.

Time doesn’t seem to exist when you’re with your “people,” the time apart or the time you share just stands still. You forget you’re not 5,10, 18, 23, etc but those moments don’t leave you. People grow up (mostly), values may change and experience may evolve us but in their heart of hearts they are the ones you want share your time with and make more memories. I do at least, it’s interesting what you remember about your childhood; phone numbers, playing games, sleepovers, dating, the teen years, the college years, marriages, children, and who knows what will come next.

Surround yourself with people who will be there no matter the circumstance, those that will be honest, loyal and remind you of who you are in your soul and keep your inner child within reach.




Arzu Gedik

Arzu Gedik is an only child, born, raised and currently lives in the USA. Her family is originally from Turkey and she visits annually. She was a Girl Scout for several years and earned her Gold Award. She attended Seton Hall University and has her MA/ED.S in Mental Health Counseling and Pysch Studies. Her therapeutic experience is with teens/adults struggling with abuse. She currently works for an international financial investment firm in New York City. In her free time she loves to spend time with family and friends. She enjoys traveling, shopping, trying new experiences, watching movies, working with charities to accomplish their goals, and being surrounded by people that challenge her. She one day plans are to start "Gedik Together" to help people organize their lives, plan events and create special memories. She believes in working hard, giving back, fairness, love, surrounding yourself with amazing people and enjoying life.

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